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Acorn Stair Lift Factory Direct Sales 800-259-0370. Acorn stair lifts, curved stair lift, stairs lift, disabled stair lift, electric stair lifts, chair lift, stairlifts, stairlift, chair lifts, stair chair, handicap lift, handicap lifts, residential lift, stair chairs, stair chair lifts, stair glide, handicapped lift, stairway lift, curved stairlifts, stairway lifts, curved stairlift, staircase lift, stairway chair lift, stair lift acorn, stair lift prices, stair lifts prices, acorn stairlifts, acorn stairlift, chair lift for stairs, stair elevator

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Glossary of Terms for Acorn Stairlifts

Glossary of Terms

DC (battery) power - This means that the stairlift does not trail an electrical cable behind it, but is self-powered. The battery charges when the stairlift is at rest and a fully charged battery will power 15-20 trips up and down the stairs.

Diagnostic digital display - Any (rare) faults with the stairlift are displayed digitally as a number or letter, providing clear and simple information for users and engineers.

Dual electronic and mechanical braking systems - double safety systems mean that the stairlift is unable to descend unexpectedly or at speed.

Fold-up seat & footrest - When not in use, the seat and footrest of the stairlift can be folded away to provide easy access to the stairway.

Heavy Duty - Specifically designed individuals who may be of a larger persuasion, our maximum weight capacity on either the outdoor, perch or straight stairlift is 350lbs or 25 stone.

Infra-red remote control - The stairlift can be 'called' or 'sent' up or down the stairs by using a remote control similar to a TV remote control.

Lockable isolation switch - The stairlift can be locked with a key so that others (children, for example) cannot use it. The stairlift continues to charge when locked.

Overhang - If the stairlift overhangs at the top of the stairs there will be an extra piece of track that protrudes onto the landing.

Overspeed governor - Controls the speed of the stairlift to prevent sudden or rapid descent.

Paddle switch control - The up and down motion of the stairlift is operated by a simple paddle switch on both arms of the chair.

Rack and pinion drive - the track uses this secure rail structure to provide smooth and stable movement up and down the stairs.

Safety cut-out sensors - special sensors in the stairlift tell it where to stop and start, and prevent it from moving if an object obstructs it.

Smooth start/stop action - The upward and downward movement begins smoothly and slowly, without jarring or sudden stops.

Stand or Perch - Specifically designed for people who have issues bending at the knee. The lift allows the domestic user to perch gently on the higher seat or stand upright.

Swivel seat with locking catch - The seat of the stairlift turns for ease of access at the top or bottom of the stairs, and locks to prevent accidental slipping.

Weight Capacity - This refers to the maximum weight a particular stairlift will carry.

Stair Lifts General Scope

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